Bathroom Furniture




Verona N, Set-Nuc


The furniture is produced from natural wood of lime, ash or cherry. It is handcrafted in Italian style with traditional ergonomics. It comes with ceramic sink, glass door and mirror frame made of wood.


Passion and Artistry

100% authentic products created skilfully with passion

Passion and Artistry

Our passion for natural wood and traditional carpentry is the main motivation in our work and the attitude towards what we do.

Artistry is the talent inherited and learned in time from the good relationship between the craftsman and wood.

Experience is the key...

Over time, I have found the experience to excel in efficiency, quality and approach.

For us, wood manufacturing is a family tradition forwarded in several generations and is the secret and the legacy we leave behind through our creations.


DOGA Atelier
Traditional Woodworking

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